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Family Therapy

Families are complex – it’s easy to see why, when they’re made up of diverse
individuals with their own changing needs and priorities as they move through life’s
ups and downs. A family is an interconnected and evolving organism; damage or
hurt to one part will affect the whole.

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Family therapists can bring your team back together, ensuring everyone is not only
heard but understood.

Sometimes big events can impact a whole family who need to navigate their way to a new normal; other times, something that happens to one family member can have a ripple effect that spans from months to decades; there can be generational trauma to unpick and overcome; neurodiversity in one or several family members can present a communication barrier or emotional wall that needs to be broken down.thought or behaviour that aren’t serving you.

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What can I expect from family therapy?

Our experienced therapists are all dual qualified in an allied profession (eg social work, teaching) and have a wide range of experience and resources to draw on in creating a plan to help your family communicate better and move forward.