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Therapy & Fees

We offer short-term Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) combined with Mindfulness techniques for individuals and couples, with the aim of providing you with tools and strategies that will help you when facing difficulties and challenges throughout life.

If you have private health insurance your Individual Therapy sessions will usually be covered as we are accredited with all the leading healthcare providers. 

Payment can be made by cash, credit card or direct bank transfer. Fees may vary depending on private healthcare provider.

Appointments are available weekdays & weekends until 9pm. The initial assessment session and all subsequent sessions last 50 minutes.

Individual Therapy

From£120/ session
  • Usually lasts between 6-12 sessions​

  • Usually covered by private healthcare

Couples Therapy

From£120 or £150/ session
  • Usually lasts between 4-8 sessions​

  • Mix of individual & couple sessions

Family Therapy

From£150 or £200/ session
  • Usually lasts between 4-6 sessions

  • Sessions usually every 2 weeks

Low-Cost Therapy

From£50/ session
  • Usually lasts between 6-12 sessions​

  • Delivered by closely supervised student clinicians