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Toby Humphreys

Family Therapist & Continuing Care Assessor

I am a Family and systemic psychotherapist which means that I’m trained to work therapeutically, not only with individuals, but also with couples and families.

I have more than 35 years experience as a therapist working both within the NHS and in private practice.

I can work with clients individually but also their partners, children and extended families when thought useful.

I believe that people arrive in therapy often distressed but that they have an inner strength, expertise and resources that, when identified, can help that individual negotiate life’s difficulties. Finding that inner strength can be an important part of the therapeutic work

I will work collaboratively with you to create better relationships and improved mood and self-esteem.

I have particular experience working with people with anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, neurological disorders, children with challenging behaviour and those who have suffered earlier traumatic experiences.

My work is informed by my experience and also best evidence-base